Find something fun to do while you are here.



In the area surrounding Steinbergdalshytta, there are plenty of lakes stocked with fish. Join us on a fishing adventure on the lakes “Nyhellervatnet”, Vestredalsvatnet and other nearby mountain lakes.


Find beautiful photo opportunities in Stemmerdalen. Frame the experience with your camera and learn how to spot good motifs and get help with photo editing.


Photo: Jakub Gorajek

Photo: Jakub Gorajek

NIGHT SKY, Northern lights and star gazing.

Steinbergdalshytta is far away from disturbing light sources and on clear days the night sky is amazing. See the Milky way and known star constellations clearly while breathing fresh and crisp air. If you are lucky, you might even see the northern lights.


Snow and skiing conditions may vary, but hiking on snow shoes is a safe bet. Hike with a guide or set off on your own. Just let us know where you are going.

Never tried snowshoeing before? Let us teach you!



Hiking with a GUIDE

Not sure what route to follow or do you want some company on your hike? We offer custom hikes in the surrounding area tailored to your needs and wishes.

sleeping in a tent

Never tried sleeping in a tent or under the open sky in front of the fire? You should put it on your bucket list. If you want to try it, we have all the equipment needed.

East of Steinbergdalshytta there is a gorgeous mountain side full of potential tent sites where you can enjoy a night out and try cooking outdoors on the fire or on the Jetboil.


Trail running

Easy on the foot and not afraid to get your socks wet? Join in on a run along the tails around Steinbergdalshytta!