Food & Drink

AT Steinbergdalshytta we don´t use prefab.

Surrounded by fresh fish, wild berries and herbs we see no reason to use prefab in our food. We want our guests to enjoy a taste of the nature surrounding us and doing so in the

most sustainable way.

We try our best to limit food waste and fully use everything we harvest. Food is a valuable resource and we think it should be cherished.


Fresh fish

The fish swimming in our mountain lakes is called “Aure”. You will find Aure on our menu, and we recommend trying your luck in one of the lakes as well.


Berries & Herbs

During autumn the Steinbergdalshytta is surrounded by Cloudberries, Lingonberries, Blueberries and Crowberries.


Grandmas oatmeal cookies

At our breakfast buffet you will always find home made oatmeal cookies, baked traditionally and following our most beloved grandmas recipe.


Local food producers